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Animating Aeroplane Jelly

Animating Aeroplane Jelly


Michael Kraaz

An episode in the life of pioneer Australian animator Eric Porter and his creation of one of the most iconic and enduring of Australian advertising images. As an animator he was largely self-taught. Through a casual conversation he found himself commissioned to make an animated cinema commercial for local entrepreneurs Bert Appleroth and Albert Lenertz who wanted new and exciting ways to promote their very successful Aeroplane Jelly. 'Animating Aeroplane Jelly' celebrates this turning point in Porter's career - a moment which was also a turning point in the history of Australian animation. His films went further to help to embed the Aeroplane Jelly song as an iconic and much loved part of national popular culture still loved and sung widely 70 years later. (24m)

Screen Date:

21 September 2024

7:00 pm

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