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Top End Wedding (M)

Release Date:


Run Time:

1h 53m


Wayne Blair

Adelaide lawyers Lauren Ford and Ned Pelton have just become engaged--on the same day that indecisive and insecure Lauren has been promoted to full associate at Hampton and Associates by her demanding boss, Ms. Hampton, whom Ned refers to as Cruella de Vil. As he proposes to Lauren, Ned neglects to tell her that he, emotionally ill-equipped to handle the work, has quit his job as a public prosecutor; he had mostly gone into the work to meet his now-deceased father's expectations in following in his footsteps. In her focus on her own career especially with high maintenance Ms. Hampton, Lauren hasn't noticed Ned's dissatisfaction with his job. Ned doesn't want a long engagement, and in fact Lauren wants to get married in 10 days in her hometown of Darwin, as she is able to negotiate the time off with Ms. de V--er, Ms. Hampton.

Last Screen Date:

14 March 2020

7:00 pm

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