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Tom Jones (PG)

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Run Time:

2h 9m

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Tony Richardson

Tom, a bastard "son", was raised by squire Allworthy as his own after he sent his mother away. Tom is randy, chasing anything in a skirt, he's having a relationship with the peasant daughter of Allworthy's gamekeeper. Tom is nonetheless kind-hearted and good-natured, he who is willing to defend that and those in which he believes. Blifil, Tom's cousin, on the other hand, is dour, and although outwardly pious, is cold-hearted and vengeful. Despite his randiness, Tom eventually falls in love with Sophie Western, who has just returned to the area after a few years abroad. Squire Western and his spinster sister would rather see Sophie marry Blifil rather than a bastard. Tom gets into one misadventure after another, some involving his randiness, and some which will reveal certain aspects of his life previously unknown to him. Through it all, Sophie, deep down, is never far from his mind, even when his life is in danger.

Last Screen Date:

28 May 2022

9:15 pm

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