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Release Date:


Run Time:

1h 53m


Cédric Klapisch

As a Burgundy wine estate owner's illness reaches terminal stage, Jean returns home after ten years wandering, soon attending the funeral and facing the inheritance with his 'kid' brother Jérémie, who is stifled by his wife Alicia's parents Anselme and Chantal, and sister Juliette, who wants to modernize the wine making in her own style, keeping loyal cellar master Marcel on. Pondering options, given the heavy succession tax, like selling out at least a part, Jean remains two harvests, rebuilding siblings bonds and re-calibrating his bitter childhood memories, until Jean's Brazilian wife visits with their kid son to demand a decision whether he'll return to their Australian estate.
—KGF Vissers

Last Screen Date:

16 February 2019

7:00 pm

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