2021 Gundaroo Film Society Program

The 2021 program for the Gundaroo Film Society starts on 20 March and features 15 films over

9 screenings — all for a membership fee of $50.

One special fund-raising dinner is held before our last screening of the year.

2021 Film Program

20 March — at 7pm Yesterday

17 April — at 7pm They Shall Not Grow Old followed at 9pm by The Keeper

15 May — at 7pm The Boat That Rocked followed at 9.30pm by My Generation

19 June — at 7pm A Boy Called Sailboat followed at 9pm by Summer 1993

17 July — at 7pm Lagaan

British New Wave

21 August — at 7pm A Taste Of Honey followed at 9.15pm by Tom Jones

Aussie New Wave

18 September — at 7pm Sunday Too Far Away followed at 9pm by Newsfront

16 October — at 7pm The Intouchables followed at 9.15pm by The Finishers

20 November — at 6pm the finale of the year — our annual fund-raising dinner for the Gundaroo Hall followed at 7.30pm by Soul Kitchen

A Fridge Flyer showing the 2021 program is available for printing - Here

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 20 March

Danny Boyle's comedy / fantasy film with Beatles music 

04_They shall not grow old.jpg

They Shall Not Grow Old

 17 April

Peter Jackson’s Documentary on WW1

05_The keeper.jpg

The Keeper

 17 April

True Love Story of German POW and English Women


The Boat That Rocked

 15 May

Story of 1966 Pirate Radio Station

07 My generation.jpg

My Generation

 15 May

Michael Caine on the 1960s, the Decade that Changed the World

08_The boy called sailboat.jpg

A Boy Called Sailboat

 19 June

Comedy Drama of Hispanic Boy and his Most Unlikely Act

09_Summer 1993.jpg

Summer 1993

 19 June

Beautiful autobiographical story of 6-yr-old Spanish orphan Frida



 17 July

Village in Victorian India play cricket against their British rulers

12_A taste of honey.jpg

A Taste of Honey

21 August

1961 Black & White Film of a Pregnant Teenage Girl

11_Tom Jones.jpg

Tom Jones

 21 August

Bawdy, Funny 1963 Adaption of Henry Fielding’s Classic Novel


Sunday Too Far Away

18 September

An Australian sheepshearer (Jack Thompson) works and plays hard



18 September

Intrepid Cinematographers and Reporters in Post-War Australia


The Intouchables

 16 October

French comedy of handicapped millionaire & his ex-con caretaker

16_The finishers.jpg

The Finishers

 16 October

Wheelchair-bound Julien and his father in Ironman Triathlon

17_Soul kitchen.jpg

Soul Kitchen

20 November

German comedy of chaos in the restaurant